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    Soldier and family

    Bad things happen to good people, especially those warriors who fight for our freedom and our way of life. Therefore, agencies like SOS America Country Retreat works to provide free holidays for soldiers who have been wounded as well as a family member of their choice. Most opt to bring along their significant other for a holiday that is stress free, but you are welcome to bring anyone that you choose to bring.

    Freedom for All


    If you visit as a wounded veteran, you will receive the opportunity to relax for free. Others who choose to rest and relax at the SOS Country Retreat can enjoy knowing that their holiday is tax-deductible. This means that the small fee you pay for relaxing with other soldiers will come back to you because it will be considered a donation to a cause.

    Why SOS America, Inc.?

    SOS is proud to support the Department of Defense and all who work hard to keep America great. They do it through team work and keeping soldier’s need in mind. It is a relaxing experience that gives troops a place to come together with one another. However, it is also a great way for those who are just coming home to spend time with someone that they love, without the stress of their injuries or real life. Will you become a part of it?

  • Popular Jobs for Returning Vets

    jobs for vetsReturning vets face a lot of troubles upon their arrival back home. Many of them, especially those who were injured in battle, return to a home without having a job to depend on. They may have a little income from disability, but most are not able to make it on so little. This is why many veterans end up homeless, without family, and nowhere to go. Instead of allowing it to happen to your loved ones or yourself, you need to know that there are some very popular jobs for returning vets available. The thing is, you may have to think a little outside of the box to find them.

    Common Jobs

    nursing jobsIf you have a specialty in the military, you may be able to put it to use when you return home, even if you are injured in battle. For instance, if you were a builder or a driver in the military, you may be able to do the same thing outside of it. If you were trained to work at a desk job in the military, there will still be a place for you outside of it. You may be able to work as an industrial production manager, a software engineer, work in telecommunications, or as a paralegal. Many veterans also return home to drive big trucks and work in the medical field as a nurse or surgeon.

    Uncommon Jobs

    new jobsIn the event that you are unable to find a common career choice, you have uncommon job opportunities available as well. These jobs may include things that are a little unexpected, but they still pay well enough to keep you off the streets. You can focus on lake weed removal and keep campers happier. You may opt to start up a cleaning business or some other small self-run business venture. Many choose to get into landscaping and hire a crew to help them with the work. This often works well because in the military, you learn organizational and leadership skills that will benefit you in the business world. All you really need is a little savings account or the ability to take out a small loan if it is required.

    Never Give Up

    No matter which career path you choose after the military, there is a way for you to succeed. These jobs are all rewarding in their own way. They can all keep you and your family off the streets. You have already learned what it takes to be all that you can be. When you get out of the military, you will have to prove that you can do it. Otherwise, you will end up becoming another statistic and as a military veteran, you deserve so much more. For most veterans, it is easier to plan ahead for the job they want to take on before they get out of the military. If you are not away from home at this time, planning for your release should be something you try to do now while you still have the chance to look for popular job opportunities.

  • Join the Battle to Help Returning Veterans

    military welcome homeThere are stories about how much our veterans lose when they go into a war. It goes beyond the physical disabilities that they may return with if injured. Many of them lose their families, their homes, and their job with the military. It is a constant struggle and for that reason, many veterans have ended up becoming homeless. There are programs out there that are trying to give back to the military men and women who strive to protect the country we live in. It is a “Thank You” for the fact that they are defending our rights every day, even during times of peace. Most all of the programs that are available are voluntary, but you can join in with the battle to help our homeless if you want to.

    The Services Provided to Soldiers

    veteran home

    The people who return from war are often struggling with a lot of different things. They may have injuries that they now have to live with, they may struggle mentally with PTSD, and they may wish for people that can understand their troubles. Therefore, many of the services provided are aimed at helping them overcome disabilities both mentally and physically. They are designed to give them a shoulder to lean on while they get used to the idea of dealing with their problems. They include “Wounded Warrior” programs, “Volunteers of America”, “American Legion”, and more. Volunteers of America can help veterans learn new skills to work in the outside world, they can help them with the training that may be required to get a new job, help them find a home, and overall, rebuild the stable life that they deserve.

    Providing Everything Veterans Need

    wounded warrior program

    The goal of these programs is to provide for everything that a veteran needs. This includes financial assistance from donations, VA benefits for those who need it, plane tickets for soldiers and their families who have been wounded and need extensive rehab, and a variety of other things. If you turn toward a program such as “Luke’s Wings” you will discover that hospital and rehabilitation needs are less of a burden because of plane tickets at a discounted or free rate, discounted accommodations for families, meals discounts, city tours, etc. There are even programs to help military families get a used vehicle or homes that have everything you could possibly need including furniture Huntington Beach CA.

    How You Can Help Others

    Since most of these programs rely on the community to help veterans, it is important that you get involved. You do not have to be a veteran to make contact with these organizations. You simply have to be willing to give what you are able to give to those military families that need it. For instance, if you have an old vehicle that you are not using, you can donate it rather than sell it. If you have old furniture in your home that you no longer need, you can donate it. Cash and time are also welcomed by most of the major organizations and it will help those who are just returning home to know that they are appreciated by you.