Letters of Appreciation

sosAgencies that help the community are likely to receive letters of appreciation. The same is true for SOS and other people who help soldiers during times of need. Therefore, if you have been helped out by SOS or others like it, you are encouraged to tell your story with others. It may be the key that someone else is looking for to get involved or take a holiday of their own.

How Letters Work

Army's Wounded HerosA letter of appreciation is designed to tell others about your experiences. Were you able to relax on an SOS holiday? Did you enjoy the accommodations or events that you were a part of? Are you active duty, injured during active duty, or just someone who wants to show support for the troops that will one day benefit from places like it? All of these things can be talked about and shared via letters. They could be read by someone who is in need of a relaxing experience and they will then be able to make their decision to become a part of something great.

Honesty Speaks

active dutyAll that is asked is that if you enjoyed your visit, you talk about it honestly. There are some people who have attended events at SOS and then decided to send donations of books or other things to help out the troops who come to visit it. Other letters show support of the program in other ways and, of course, you have people who have actually enjoyed taking a holiday there as a true veteran who came close to losing it all in a bad situation. These people are thankful for the experiences that they have had and the opportunity to once again bond with their significant others in a relaxing country retreat.

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