Helping Soldiers Thrive

soldiersEveryday a soldier becomes injured in the line of duty. It is a life changing experience for the soldier and their families. They gave their all for their country and at places like the SOS America Country Retreat; others are giving their all to make them comfortable.  It is a place that is designed to help them relax a little in the face of their injuries. A place where they can reconnect with their significant other and start to thrive. Is it something you also hope to become a part of?

Expecting More

soldiers helpingChances are good, the military men and women who fought for our country expected more of themselves. As Americans, we expect more from them than most. We rely on them to keep us safe from harm and they strive to provide us with that safety. When a soldier comes home, they should be able to also expect more from us. They should expect to be respected and honored. This is even more important if that soldier was wounded in the line of duty, where they may have suffered not only physical injuries, but mental ones. Their life has changed. They have lost their own peace. SOS aims to give it back to them in whatever way possible.

Join the Cause

injured soldier relaxingWhether you are a soldier who was injured in the line of duty, a soldier who will still fight for our country, or someone who simply strives to show their support; you are welcome to join the cause. Wounded soldiers are never charged for their stay at the retreat. Others are charged a small fee, which is tax deductible. Either way, you will be able to relax and enjoy the countryside while on your holiday. All your needs will be met by a friendly staff who want to honor the soldiers who deserve it the most.

If you choose to stay as a returning veteran or as a civilian, you are going to be making sure that the SOS program continues to be available to the wounded warriors who deserve a little serenity. You are ensuring the future of the program and its ability to help others get through the toughest of times after returning home. Are you ready to become a part of it?

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